In 2018 I want to dress like my mom.

she really is though.

she really is though.

Fashion is one of the many interest my mom and I share. She has taught me almost everything I know about style. She is the strong foundation in which I have built my own personal style on. Our styles are a bit different due to a few factors; my love of hot pink, her love of t-shirts with puns on them, and our age difference might also have something to do with it. One style road block we both experience is New England winters, finding the motivation and inspiration to be stylish this time of year is next to impossible. This makes what I am about to reveal even more impressive, in the last couple months I have witnessed some killer outfits put together by my mom. I felt so inspired I wanted to share a few examples with you.

First Example

Stranger Things t-shirt, fuzzy cardigan, jeans, gold chocker

Example Two

graphic sweater, high waisted crushed velvet pants, Artemis velvet smoking shoes

Final Example

vintage Demetre wool sweaterr, bandana, jeans

BONUS: these outfits are all hot flash approved, that joke is for you mom. love u.

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