Romance for 1 (Plus exclusive break up kit inside!)

Allow me to point out that nowhere in the definition of romance does it specify the number of people involved. Whether you just ended your relationship, are happily committed or single, let's make some time for romance. Here are a few ways you can ignite your independent romantic lifestyle. 

Grab a Drink

I made a recent decision to go to a different bar once every week and try one of their signature cocktails. It's a great way to get out, see the sights and maybe meet a new friend. 

Invest in Candles

Lavender candles are always a good idea, or I like to have one pillar candle lit on the table while I eat dinner. 

Make Yourself Something Special to Eat

oysters? pizza? champagne? The answer is all of the above.

How to open an oyster

Blackberry Pizza

Guide to Champagne

Keep Flowers on your Bedside Table

Guide to flowers by season, support your local florist! 

Break up Kit

Romance for 1 is not just for people who have recently broken up....but a recent break up is a great reason to put this concept into practice. This kit includes a few ideas on how to help you through your transtion.  


Comfortable, Lil Wayne

Best for Last, Adele

Late Night, GoldLink

Play with Fire, Rolling Stones 

Buy a Heart, Nicki Minaj

Letter Home, Childish Gambino 

Wishing It Was You, K.Flay

Godspeed, Frank Ocean

Don't Look Back, Miguel

Worst Behavior, Drake

Buy a little black dress (even if you already have multiple currently in your closet)

shop little black dress

And while you are at it buy yourself some new underwear for God's sake

shop lingerie 

Most importantly take care of yourself; go for a long walk, take a yoga class, or reread your favorite book. 

Cheers to being single! xo