Paris, London, Allston MA

Iconic liquor store, Blanchards

Iconic liquor store, Blanchards

I have visited a lot of cities; London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Tokyo...but I have to say Allston, MA is one of my favorite places. Having lived here for 3 going on 4 years now I have realized many reasons why I find this grungy college town so charming. Allston has a few things I cannot get enough of: amazing thrifting, a melting pot of different restaurants and groceries, and classic dive bars. If you can ignore the dog (hopefully) poop and occasional gust of wind filled with trash, Allston is a pretty magical place. 

Urban Renewals

At Urban Renewals there is a huge selection of men's and women's clothing and tons of housewares such as; table clothes, furniture and glassware. There is always something special waiting for you here, I will never forget the day I took home 3 iridescent Champagne coupes for $0.99.  

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a great place to find consignment clothing in great condition, a lot of brand new pieces from Zara and Urban Outfitter find their way here for half the price. Plus there is a decent selection of vintage clothing, I found a great Kimono here once. 

Cheap Chic

At Cheap Chic the furniture selection always blows me away, never mind what they are charging for it. I often find great rattan and bamboo pieces here.

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The Silhouette Lounge

Enjoy free popcorn and a pitcher of beer while you play darts deep into the night. Plus meet the neighborhood, there are a ton of regulars here.


I have spent many snow days here, and when it is nice out the windows fold out and make it a great place to enjoy the sunshine, beer and Irish nachos (loaded cheese fries), another great neighborhood spot. 

Great Scott

Great Scott is a bar and music venue with a really cool exterior and interior. Not only do they have a great bar but you can catch some really enjoyable music and comedy that comes through. 

photo of Baja Fish tacos from Boston Magazine

photo of Baja Fish tacos from Boston Magazine

Lone Star

Lone star is quite possibly my favorite restaurant ever. Tacos are $4, the Baja fish taco is incredible and  'The Mug-artia' is a pint sized margarita for $12. 

Seoul Soulongtang

Most people in the greater Boston area know Allston for its Korean food. There is a lot of good Korean restaurants down Harvard Ave. My personal favorite is Seoul Soulantang, I always order the Dolsot Bibimbap, which is basically a rice and steamed veggies dish. 

Pikiachi Ramen

I get spicy miso ramen take out from here once a week during the winter. 

Shabu Zen

Hot pot is everything, if you haven't been, go. 


This Italian restaurant is complete with the best comfort food and an amazing tacky Italian interior, plastic grapevines and all. 

Allston Diner

After a night out bar hopping in Allston there is only one destination for brunch the next morning, and that is Allston Diner. If you are really hungry try the chicken and waffles. The staff here starts to feel like family after a few visits.  

Super 88

Super 88 is one of the largest Asian groceries I have ever been to. They have a great housewares section, I love to pick up some ramen bowls when I stop in.


Berezka is a Russian market that has all your preserved seafood needs for very cheap, such as smoked fish and caviar. I usually pick up the smoked Sprats for $2.19. One of my favorite snacks with some toasted bread and a glass of chardonnay. They also have good cheap caviar for when you want to impress your friends.   

Sunrise Market

Sunrise Market is a bodega on Cambridge Street that is a perfect place to pick up some Our Lady of Guadalupe prayer candles.

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